Executive Mentoring Program


I believe that the organisation’s productivity is total of the individual productivity of the executives & all the team members. Utilising time in goals-oriented manner and having enriching & influencing communications are major milestones towards your grand success in dealing with people and towards converting prospects into clients and maximising profitability.

I believe that your success majorly lies in your ability to interact effectively with team members and inculcating a culture of coherence among team members. And for this, it is important to understand their internal representation system and help each member to enrich their internal representation system.  

I have created this 24 sessions action-packed Executive Mentoring Workshop for your executives where they will discover the power of GOPTA NLP Framework to master their time utilisation patterns in goals oriented manner, enrich their communications to crack sales objections and maximise profitability in a breeze. 

GOPTA NLP Framework makes you utilise your time in goals-oriented manner and Mass Influencing Framework helps you become a MASTER CONNECTOR & INFLUENCER.

Have you ever wondered:-

  • – why there are workforce failure issues in more than 80% organisations; 
  • – how lack of good teamwork and ineffective communication system is impacting your productivity & profitability; 
  • – why some people are super successful in developing relations with others at ease;
  • – why some people find themselves in a situation where they continue to HOPE that interpersonal conflicts will resolve or subside on their own;
  • – why before any presentation, you start thinking that the floor of hte room may swallow you to save you from giving your presentation;
  • – why some people hesitate in giving honest feedbacks to their colleagues and clients without bruising their ego?

It’s time to stop living a ‘compromised life’! Take charge of your communications to enrich your life!

Most people live a reactive life and fail to unlock their true potential by not working on their communications, goals and time utilisation patterns.

But not ANYMORE!

Join Sanjay Agarwal as he takes you on a transformative journey  through his worldwide popular growth model GOPTA NLP Framework to start utilisting your time in goals-oriented manner  and master your communications through Mass Influencing Framework, using which you can become a master connector & influencer. 


Do These Challenges Resonate With You?

  • Do you feel that your executives and teams are not aligned with organisational goals?
  • Do you feel that there is no coherence among the team members working on a project?
  • Do you feel that your executives are not contributing and not delivering their best towards organisational growth? 
  • Do you feel your productivity is being hampered by a lack of good communication skills?
  • Are your communication skills hampering your personal and professional relationships?
  • Are you losing out every single day due to lack of good communication skills?
  • Are you suffering from poor relationships due to poor communications?

Disclaimer: This is not just another bookish goals setting, time management or communication mastery course! The outcomes are deep, very deep & transformative.       

Are you ready to begin this life-changing journey and unlock your true potential by stepping out of your comfort zone? Do you also want to help your executives to deliver their best for the growth of your organization?

Highlights of this deep transformative 24 sessions course of 90 minutes each are:

How Will This Program Accelerate Your Growth?

By the end of this insightful program, your executives will be able to:

  • Align their personal goals with organisational goals;
  • Maximise results by setting compelling well-formed outcomes;
  • Have empowering & resourceful belief system; 
  • Start a conversation even with strangers by building instant rapport with people without being shy; 
  • Guide the conversation towards a desired outcome; 
  • Become a master connector & influencer without appearing needy, pushy or salesy; 
  • Choose their language patterns with precision according to the needs of prospects & clients; 
  • Convert more clients by using persuasive communication strategies;
  • Become an influencing leader synchronising teams towards organisational goals;
  • Learn to speak out your heart so that your listeners like and trust you and believe what you are communicating;
  • Build quality relationships, based on trust & confidence through rapport; 
  • Understand situations from different points of view;
  • Take effective & balanced decisions to gain the co-operation and commitment of everyone involved;
  • Understand the importance of having personal congruence between values, identity & purpose; 
  • And much more!
Price As per batch size (Rs. 4,000/- per team member per session for a minimum team size of 10 members) + GST [ USD 1499 + VAT per person for overseas participants for a minimum batch size of 10 members ]

Coach Sanjay Kumar Agarwal

Date On Demand 24 sessions of 90 minutes each

Time As mutually agreed upon

Total Duration 36 hours

Lectures 24

Language Hindi (Cum English)

Frequently asked questions

I am already good in time management and my communications are also good. I don't need any guidance on time management & communications.

I congratulate you for that.

Though, I would love to point out that there is huge difference between pleasant communications and enriching influencing communications.

Our mind is a genius machine that can be reprogrammed to achieve excellence and no matter what good your communications are, this program will add awesome value to your communication skills, as Mass Influencing Framework is an awesome tool for enriching communications.

Moreover, utilising time in a goals-oriented manner enhances productivity and maximises profitability. 

I am very busy and I have no time to attend the program. What should I do?

Trust me, enriching & influencing communications and utilising time in goals-oriented manner are essential skills in today’s world.

The GOPTA NLP Framework and Mass Influencing Framework will give you that extra edge over your competitors which might be elusive in your present lifestyle & communications.

Who can benefit from Executive Mentoring Program?

The program has been designed in a fashion that people from all spheres of life can benefit from it and craft a successful life trajectory for themselves.

This is a must-attend program for 

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Top Management Personnel including CEOs, COOs, CTOs, 
  • Consultants
  • Financial advisors
  • Working professionals
  • Coaches
  • Network Marketers
  • Teachers 
  • Students
  • Anyone who wants to take their communications to next level and become a master influencer
What if I pay, but cannot attend the session? Will I get the recorded session?

No recordings are provided. These sessions are interactive and induce on the spot brainstorming which can’t be replicated while watching recordings. If you want to really take advantage of these sessions, make it a point to attend LIVE. If not, please do not waste your hard-earned money.

Success Stories

“Turned my business around.”

Dr. Sanjay helped our senior team improve internal communication and focus on individual strengths. With team alignment in place, we recovered and took our business sailed-through the pandemic with ease.
Akhilesh Chitlangia
COO & Executive Director Duroply Industries Limited.

“I am more focused & more precise towards my goals.”

All because of my Guru Dr. Sanjay & his GOPTA strategies. My personal & professional relationships have become more enriched using Communicative Intelligence.
Ravi R. Kumar
International Stock Market Trading Coach

“Scaling my business is no more a distant dream.”

All my life I struggled with communication as well as behavioral pattern problems. Dr. Sanjay broke those limiting patterns and empowered me to transform my business & my life.
Sameer Kaila
Founder, DhanCreators

“Thanks to Dr. Sanjay, I found purpose of my life.”

He made me goals oriented, focussed and determined to achieve all of my life goals. I am blessed to have him guide me in this journey.
Yogeshwar YC
Enterpreneur & GUIDE