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Three Facets of Success used by Billionaires

Unlock your true potential by having clarity of what you actually want in life and having recipe to achieve your goals.


- Exponential growth with recipe & mindset to achieve your goals

Date: May 20 - June 11 (Saturday & Sunday), and On-Demand

Time: 7 am to 8.30 am 

Venue: Online Zoom

GOPTA NLP Framework

The Ultimate Growth Model
GOPTA Framework
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This is an ultimate growth model created by Dr. Sanjay Agarwal.

It helps people unleash their true potential, become far more productive & accountable, utilise their time in goals oriented manner, and live an inspiring life of a leader.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
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NLP helps you achieve personal & professional excellence by consciously programming the cognitive, sensory, communicative, behavioral, and emotional faculties.

With this science you would develop instant confidence, communicative edge and greater convincing power.

Mass Influencing Framework
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Mass Influencing Framework containing a combination of numerous systems to have control over conversations & guide others towards desired outcomes with subconscious influencing cues.

This skill-set is absolutely critical in this modern era of globalization and cut-throat competition and brings you that unfair advantage over your competitors.

Upcoming Events

Learn The Biggest Growth Secrets Used by The Billionaires 

Date & Time: 14th December 8 pm to 9.30 pm 

Maximise your profitability with GOPTA-NLP Framework

Date: 12th – 14th August, 2022
Time: 07:30 PM – 09:30 PM

Fly Towards Success of your Dreams with the Wings Of GOPTA

Date: 22nd May, 2022
Time: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Exponential growth with recipe & mindset to achieve your goals

Date: May 20 – June 11 (Saturday & Sunday), and On-Demand

Time: 7 am to 8.30 am 

Venue: Online Zoom


Meet The Man On A Mission

Sanjay Kumar Agarwal is leading the movement of bringing a paradigm shift in the mindset of millions of people across the globe to transform their lives. He gave up on 25 years of career and a well-paying job with the Ministry of Finance, India, to guide people to follow their passion & dreams. 

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“Turned my business around.”

Dr. Sanjay helped our senior team improve internal communication and focus on individual strengths. With team alignment in place, we recovered and took our business sailed-through the pandemic with ease.
Akhilesh Chitlangia
COO & Executive Director, Duroply Industries Limited

“Thanks to Dr. Sanjay, I found purpose of my life.”

He made me goals oriented, focussed and determined to achieve all of my life goals. I am blessed to have him guide me in this journey.
Yogeshwar YC
Enterpreneur & GUIDE

“I am more focused & more precise towards my goals.”

All because of my Guru Dr. Sanjay & his GOPTA strategies. My personal & professional relationships have become more enriched using Communicative Intelligence.
Ravi R. Kumar
International Stock Market Trading Coach

“Scaling my business is no more a distant dream.”

All my life I struggled with communication as well as behavioral pattern problems. Dr. Sanjay broke those limiting patterns and empowered me to transform my business & my life.
Sameer Kaila
Founder, DhanCreators

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